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Mall Manager ( Point of Sale Software ) v 1.1.0

We bring you excellent solution for Mall management and Retail Management for any store. The tools of Mall Management and Retail Management ensure that the process of sales management is carried out completely and accurately in an easy and simple manner. This goes hand in hand with the whole process of business management ensuring that there is no waste of time and cost in any way in the procedure. The Mall Manager software designed keeping in mind the suggestions and needs of the Management and Operational users. The whole procedure of the stores right from selling a product to accumulating the total income becomes very easy with the aid of Mall Manager. The software has the features with contemporary functions that allow the making of reports and charts accurately and effectively. The interactive function of this software allows the reports to convey several records in a very short time. However the software is constantly updated and improvised keeping in mind the customers' suggestions. While on one hand, the procedures of the mall are made more convenient and easy thus ensuring that there is no problem in the system that can case customers to suffer thus affecting the mall owners in the very end

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