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MLM Software Ver-2 PACKAGE COST RS. 85,000/-

Complete, Automated web based "MLM Software Ver-2" for MLM Business Solution. Our most comprehensive MLM software, provides the functionality needed to tackle even the most challenging MLM issues.This Customized MLM Software plays vital role in the success of MLM Organization. It proves to be an important parameter for building confidence of company’s new associates on the management. All type of MLM Plans are integrated as per client Requirement. Our MLM Software contains a comprehensive set of tools required to manage and organize MLM accounts. A web-based and user friendly MLM tools allow you to track your customers and recruits, as well as organize and report day to day sales, revenue and profit. It is the simple and user friendly interface which is one of key aspect of our software.

USP of the Package : Real-time compensation plan changes change Incentive Any time from Admin panel .You have rights to add, change & update the details by yourself, no need to contact Software Vendor. Homepage, Aboutus page, Business plan page, legal page, contact us page, news, Achiever list u can change anytime by yourself.

Covered Plans
Australian Binary Plan Auto filling Pool Agent Model MLM Salary Plan
Binary Plan Unilevel Plan Working Plan Revolving Matrix Plan
BV-PV Plan Level Income Nonworking Plan Polo MLM Bonus
Single Leg Plan Repurchase Model Reward System Sunflower Model
Growth Plan Real Estate Model Royalty Plan Orbit Binary
Performance Relay Differential Method Monthly Income Ladder Model
Matrix Plan Career Plan Tri Binary Plan Dynamic Compression Model
Forced Matrix FD & RD Step Binary Board Plan
Add a Branch Manage Branch List of Branch Branch Business Report
Bank Account Details
Block Branch
Unblock Branch Branch Commission
Backup Database
Send SMS        
Registration Form
Manage Franchisee
List of Franchisees
Franchisee Business Report
Bank Account Details
Block Franchisee
Unblock Franchisee
Franchisee Commission
Backup Database
Send SMS
Staff Management  
Manage Staffs
Staff Attendance
View Staff Attendance
Staff Payroll
View Staff Payments
Staff Reports
Staff Bank Accounts
Staff Backup Database
Staff Send SMS
Member Master  
New Member Entry
Edit Member
Generate Members Code
Edit Member Profile
Search Member
Change Password
Shopping Cart  
Products Listing with searching options
Images Zoom In or Out
Shopping Cart
Checkout with billing and shipping options
Online Orders Status
Generate Payout
Rewards Payout
Payout generate according to plans incomes
Stock Entry  
Stationary Stock Entry
Stationary Sale Entry
Print & View Balance
Add Stationary
View Stationary Master
Add Stock to Company
View Branch Stock Master
Branch Stationary Request
HO Stationary Issue
View Daily Stationary Report
Total Joining
Monthly Incentive Report
Weekly Report
Member Status
Pan No. Report
Fund withdraw list
TDS Report
Service Tax
Phone number list
Growth report
Level information
Member information
Tree Structure
Downline view
Used E-Pin
Unused E-Pin
Pin Status
Generate Pin
Product Management  
Add product
Update product
Delete product
Product details
Change product price, MRP, Offer Price
News & Achievements
Payment Gateways Integration  
Pay pal
Alert pay
Database Backup  
Database Backup
Website Design  
About us
Legal page
Business plan
Contact us
Photo Gallery
User Panel  
My Profile
Edit Profile
Welcome Letter
Change Password
Tree View
Direct Downline
Payment Details
Real-time compensation plan changes from Admin
Pin-Settings Change Pin price any time
Income Settings change Plan Incentive Any time
Ceiling (cap) Settings
TDS Settings
E-Wallet System  
Fund Withdrawal
Fund Transfer To Other ID
Payment Status
Pin Transfer
Product Purchasing from e wallet
SMS Integration  
Member Integration
Customize SMS to Members
Payment SMS
Integration as per requirement
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